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Pastor’s Message
We live in a society where anything we want is at our fingertips. Instant gratification. Every desire is fulfilled at our spoken word. It appears that there is nothing we can’t do, nothing that we can’t obtain, nothing that we can’t become, nor no place we can’t go. Our culture is based on the thinking, “Self first,” “As long as you are happy,” and “No one can tell me what to do.”
With this thinking being programmed into our minds, it appears to most people that they don’t have any need for God either. They can do just fine on their own. But that can’t be further from the truth. You see, people are made up of several different parts – the mind, body, and soul. With this being true, we can instantly see our need for God. The mind becomes corrupt, clouded, confused and polluted, with pride as the main culprit. The body becomes cursed when the desires of the mind lead to the satisfying and pleasing of the body. Then the soul is in peril because we are not able to control ourselves nor save ourselves. So we need someone to help us. To save us. Other humans can’t, because they are in the same shape as we are.
A day will soon come when everyone will lose the keenness of his mind, and the life in his body. All that is left is his soul because it never dies. So everyone is confronted with the most important question ever – How do I save my soul? Well, it stands to reason if I can’t live my life well enough to satisfy God, I surely can’t save my soul! What do we do?
We gotta get real. We have to realize that there is a God. He is the Creator of all things. He created us to have a relationship with Him. He is the Creator and we are the created. He knows us and what we need. He knows our weaknesses and shortcomings. In giving us a free will, He knows our wrong choices. We willfully and deliberately rebel against Him and live disobeying His Word (the Bible) and His will for our lives. This rebellion is called sin. We are sinners and need a Savior. God provided one. He sent His Son, Jesus. That is so awesome.
Pastor Tommy Reed