Fitzpatrick Baptist Church Collective Worship Re-Opening

Post Covid-19 Closure, Pastor Tommy Reed



We have seen that as the Covid-19 pandemic has continued, the information that was first given, as well as all the advice, precautions, forecasts, and models…..has changed and in some cases, even been wrong. I believe that only in hindsight a year from now, will we have more substantial and accurate information, data, statistics and treatment. In everyone’s defense, this is the first such worldwide pandemic in over a hundred years. So let’s be understanding and have some sympathy for our nation’s leaders, experts and scientists.

With that being said, it is what it is. And it’s gonna be, what it’s gonna be. I don’t want you to fear or worry yourselves about something that is greater than any and all of us. But the Almighty knows. And He has given us His Spirit that gives us peace, and direction….even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. He has also given us the ability to think and respond in a right manner. My advice and encouragement to myself, and us all, is to keep calm and carry on. Better to be safe, than sorry. Be wise and exercise caution. Keep good personal hygiene. Self-isolate for a little while longer. Fools will rush in. And be careful to guard your heart, your mind…..and your mouth. Just because everyone has an opinion doesn’t mean everyone needs to be sharing it. Geez, it’s terrible to see people show themselves, and for Christians to, is un-Christ like and a terrible witness. As for us, let’s make sure we are honoring the LORD. Pray for your national, state, and local leaders, and your church leaders. This is one time that arm chair quarterbacking is not needed. If you’ve never been put in a position to lead, you can’t even begin to understand how difficult it can be. So, as far as it is up to us, let’s honor Christ….in everything that we say and do.

It’s hard to know what is true with all this Coronavirus situation, what the right thing to do, and how to respond is. So we will move forward very deliberately and with great caution, knowing that as your Pastor and leaders, we want to respect our national, state, and health leaders as to what they think is right and best. This is Scriptural. But we also must, and will obey the direction of Scriptures. And very importantly, we do not want our church nor any person who visits, to be at risk to become ill due to a negligent attitude towards people, nor people not respecting and caring about the well-being of others. We will move forward with caution, common sense and faith.

We are returning to meet and worshipping collectively at the church again, hallelujah!!! But we must understand, things will need to be different for a while:

  1. We will meet at the church for Sunday morning services only, beginning on June 7:
    1. An 8:00 AM service will be meeting in the sanctuary for those 55 years old and up, and those who may have underlying health conditions.
    2. A 10:00 AM service will be meeting in the sanctuary and the fellowship hall for those 54 years old and younger.
    3. Anyone afraid to come out is asked to please stay home.
    4. Anyone who is feeling sick is asked to please stay home.
    5. Each Sunday morning service will continue to be offered online thru the Church’s Facebook Live, YouTube Live and the Church website.
    6. No Sunday PM services.
    7. There will be multiple other worship and studies offered online.
  2. Weekly online opportunities:
    1. Sunday School on Sundays – please call the church for classes, times and platform.
    2. Sunday AM children’s moment with Missy Allen on her Facebook at 11:45 AM.
    3. Sunday PM children’s lesson for K-5th grade with Samantha Stovall posted on church Facebook page and website at 4:00 PM.
    4. Tuesday PM youth study 6-12th grades at 7:00 PM on Zoom.
    5. Wednesday AM children’s church with Tanya Parker and Dawn Reed posted at 10:00 AM on church Facebook and website.
    6. Wednesday PM children’s class at 6:00 PM with Tonya Leslie on her Facebook.
    7. Wednesday PM Adult Bible Study at 7:00 PM on church Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and website.
    8. Friday night Pastor Connect at 7:00 PM on church Facebook Live and website.
  3. When we arrive:
    1. Everyone will enter thru the front door only.
    2. Everyone will exit only at the side sanctuary doors on the right, gym hall door on the left, or at the rear double doors in fellowship hall.
    3. Everyone’s temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer.
    4. Whether you agree with masks or not, I am asking for each of us to think of others on this issue and not just ourselves. Wearing one will probably make others feel at ease.
    5. The 8:00 AM service will only be using the sanctuary and sanctuary area bathrooms. The 10:00 AM service will only be using the sanctuary, sanctuary and fellowship hall bathrooms, and the fellowship hall….yes, you may use the bathrooms.
    6. Please keep your children with you at all times:
      1. There will be no nursery.
      2. There will be no children’s church.
      3. The gym, children’s wing, kitchen, coffee station and upstairs SS area is closed.
    7. Every other pew will be closed. People will need to sit 6’ feet apart in those that are open. Ushers and I will assist in this. Please don’t get offended if asked to move to meet the 6’ criteria.
    8. Fellowship will be done by waving, no handshake nor hugging please.
    9. All hymn books and pew Bibles will be removed and although there will not be a choir, the words will be shown on screens…..and yes, we will sing.
    10. There will not be bulletins, everything will be shown on the screens.
    11. There is adequate hand sanitizers throughout the building and sufficient soap to wash hands in bathrooms.
    12. A/C will be on to increase airflow and provide fresh air.
    13. Offering plates will not be passed, but offering drop boxes will be available at the end of the services at the exit doors.
  4. The building will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected immediately following the 8:00 AM service, and again after the 10:00 AM service. We will need 6 people to serve on a cleaning team each Sunday at 9:00 AM.
  5. The building will not be used for any other use until services are restored to pre-Coronavirus normal.
  6. Church security will be provided as normal.
  7. Ushers will be present to assist with these changes.
  8. Other changes:
    1. There will be no Crossings youth camp in June.
    2. There will be no Crossings children’s camp in June.
    3. VBS will be postponed to fall in a different format…hopefully.


In closing, we are trying our best to obey Scripture, follow CDC guidelines and provide a safe and uplifting time of worship. It is better to be safe, than sorry. If we see that the Coronavirus situation worsens due to the lifting and easing of restrictions that cause a rise in Covid-19 cases in our area, then we will return immediately to an all online format. I want to thank you for your understanding, willingness and faithfulness.



I love and appreciate you all,


Pastor Tommy